7BBL Brew kettle direct fire brewhouse

Price: $18,800

  • China

Regular: MLT+BKW+HLT. Mash/Brew Kettle +Lauter & Whirlpool Tank. Others: Mash, Lauter, Brew, Whirlpool, HLT, CLT. Heating Method:  Direct fire   Specifications: l  -With 30% Total Volume l  -Dome top and cone bottom; bottom cone 160 degree l  -Interior Shell: SUS304, T 3.0mm l  -Exterior Shell: SUS304, T 2.0mm l  -Insulation: PU/Rockwool T 100mm l  -100% TIG welding with pure argon gas shield l  -Interior Finish: 0.4~0.6μm/ Mirror Polishing l  -Top mounted manhole l  -360° CIP spraying ball l  -Thermowell with high accuracy temperature sensor: PT100 l  -MLT with agitator with motor reducer, CE/UL Listed l  -MLT with side manhole for spent grains l  -MLT with easy-clean and detachable sparging arm l  -MLT with easy-clean and detachable false bottom l  -BKW with tangential inlet for whirlpool function l  Plate Heat Exchanger (China Top Brand) l  -2 stages for Glycol water and City water l  -SUS 304 Plates and frame l  Wort and HLT Pumps:-CE/UL Listed l  Oxygenator l  Brewhouse pipelines and Valves l  SUS 304 Working Platform l  Optional: l  -Grist Case l  -Wort Buffer Tank l  -Platform with Sink l  -Flow meter l  -Pneumatic Valves l  -Others: like fermenters brites, cooling, cip, controller, Pls send mail to [email protected] Best Regards & Thanks

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