REDUCED PRICE! 10 Barrel Electric Brewing System (Stout) – 1 Year Parts and Labor Warranty

Listed: 12/19/2022

Price: $70,000

2016 –  10 Barrel Electric Stout Brewing System (Less than 100 batches brewed on the system) 1 year parts and labor warranty * MASH TUN – 309 gal. 304 stainless steel insulated Mash tun with motorized rakes and plow   * KETTLE – 485 gal. 304 stainless steel brew kettle with (4) 16,500 Watt (66,000 total watts) heating elements   * HOT LIQUOR TANK – 400 gal. 304 stainless steel hot liquor tank with (4) 16,500 Watt (66,000 total watts) heating elements   * CONTROLS Touch screen controls package for brewhouse, control switch for rakes/plow and interior mash tun light   * Touch screen panel for fermenter temperature control (never used)   *PUMPS 3 centrifugal pumps and 2 peristaltic pumps – 2 peristaltic pumps for sparging: 1 for wort from MT to Kettle and 1 for water from HLT to MT, can be set to maintain sparge water level above grain bed – 2 centrifugal pumps integrated into brewhouse. 1 for water circulation and pumping from hot liquor tank (includes flowmeter and three-way valve integrated into control panel), 1 for pumping wort through RIMS system during vorlauf   * Plate and frame 2-stage heat exchanger. If ground water temperature is 65F or less, this chiller can knock out 10 BBLs of wort to pitching temperature in 45 minutes. Capable of using glycol as well for additional chilling.    

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