Steam Brewhouse 15 BBL includes mash, kettle/whirlpool, hot and cold liquor tanks, heat exchanger and heat exchanger. Owner financing available

Listed: 12/20/2023

Price: $35,000

Steam 15 Barrel Brewhouse

Comes with

1 – 30BBL HLT – been repaired, still works – see pics

1 – 20 BBL CLT

1 – 15BBL Mash Tun with sparge ring and mixers, note: no plows or rakes – see pic

1- 15BBL Boil Kettle over a 15BBL Whirlpool (single unit – see pics)

1 – Oversized Heat Exchanger

All decking, stairs, pumps, piping, electrical boxes for motors, clamps and valves to brew 15 barrels of beer

We are upgrading to a larger system but will be brewing on this one until the 1st week of Jan. 2024. It can be seen, in action, anytime before that.

Buyer is responsible for all disassembly, crating, rigging, etc. We have disassembled and reassembled it so we can give you tips and assistance.

We want to move this soon so we are offering some owner financing. Total price $35K. With a $25K down payment, we will hold $10K in notes for 1 year.
Please call or email with any questions or to set up an appointment.   [email protected]

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