Two (2) Oak Foeders For Sale

Price: $9,000

We have two 30 bbl oak foeders from Foeder Crafters we are looking to sell. These were purchase in 2018 and are in great shape! One of them was used to ferment/age sour/mixed culture beers and the other was used to ferment/age Brett beers.

We have the ability to load them onto a flatbed or large enough truck if sold but the buyer is responsible for arranging and paying for freight.

The asking price listed is for one foeder. If you’re interested in both the price would be double that.

These include the following:

– 1.5″ blowoff/CIP port on top of the foeder

– CIP spray ball with blowoff/CIP arm and 1.5″ butterfly valve

– 1.5″ sample port with sample valve

– 1.5″ 10% port with butterfly valve

– 1.5″ dump port with butterfly valve

– Top man way

– Side man way near bottom of foeder

If interested, please email Ben at [email protected]


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