2 BBL Nano or Pilot System

Price: $7,500

We are selling our 2 bbl pilot system from Colorado Brewing Systems. This is a fully electric system and is set up in a mirrored configuration.

The design of this system allows maximum flexibility for the Nano-brewery, brewpub, restaurant/bar that wants to break into the craft beer market or pro-brewery pilot system.

This system can brew a full volume batch of one beer (2 bbls) or 2 completely different beers (1 bbl batches) simultaneously. When brewing a single beer style each mash basket is filled with grains for the recipe (it does not have to be equally split). During the mash period the kettles cross recirculate out from the valve of one kettle and to the top re-circulation fitting of the other kettle, creating a consistent gravity between the kettles. If doing two separate 1 bbl batches, you would simply fill each mash basket with the recipe and recirculate individually. This system allows you to decide how you want to brew, full volume single vessel brewing, Single vessel with post mash rinse or 3 vessel brewing. The two hoist systems allow you to easily lift each mash basket out of the kettle for draining and, if applicable, sparging. Each basket can then be moved to the middle of the system and lowered for easy grain out and cleaning.

PLC Touchscreen Control Includes automated mash schedules, recipe storage and recall, integrated water flow control and hop addition timers. (See the overview video) Automated flow control now included for precise water metering, filling and optional sparging.

The footprint of the system is 7′ wide x 7’6 tall x 30 deep.

What’s included:

– Two 50 gallon brew kettles with sanitary tig welded tri-clamp ports (190L)
– Flow control with stainless hot water meter
– 2 stainless solenoid valves and counter Two Stainless Steel mash baskets
– 2 x Stainless steel pumps
– Welded and polished 304 stainless steel frame with control arm and dual hoist support
– Electric hoist on stainless steel trolley U.L. /CSA or CE listed 208V/240V
– Electric brewery control panel with PLC Touchscreen Operation
– 5500W stainless steel heating element assembly’s with tri-clamp connection – includes 4 elements.
– 2 tri-clamp RTD temperature probes
– Two small O2 stones for aerating your wort on its way to your fermenter
– Two thermometers on the wort out of the chillers for monitoring knockout temperatures.
– Added tri-clamp fittings that were not included with the original system.
– Two Plate chillers, 40P x 12.5″ long
– All tri-clamp valves, fittings and hardware.

Please contact Ben at Divine Barrel Brewing if interested. Willing to negotiate on price. Buyer is responsible for any freight costs.

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