5 Gallon Used Ball Lock Kegs (quantity 2)

Listed: 06/11/2023

Price: $49

Perfect for kegging your homebrew, cider, or soda. These used ball lock 5-gallon kegs are used, but have been tested and approved to hold pressure — their most important task. Though the exteriors of many show cosmetic damage, we guarantee that they are pressure-capable, as we personally pressure test each and everyone when it comes through our doors. Needed, but not included, is a CO2 cylinder, Regulator, and Ball Lock Gas (KX03) and Beverage (KX05) lines.

Looking for a more comprehensive system? See our keg systems.

Along with pressure testing each keg, we replace the lid o-rings and outer-post o-rings, if needed. Kegs will show normal wear and tear, may have stickers, and will also have syrup residue in kegs as we only dump them. Used kegs will require cleaning.

A note about o-rings: If you are concerned about the condition of the o-rings you may purchase extra o-rings separately, in case any tear during use.

This amazing price is worth a few dents! Because these kegs are used, many show exterior wear and tear that will not affect the keg performance to hold pressure. Holding pressure is the keg main function, and it will keep your beer tasting fresh and delicious. The affordability of buying used is definitely worth a few scratches and dents.

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