2 6.5 Gallon Bottling Bucket, 1 w/ Spigot, 1 without

Listed: 06/11/2023

Price: $20

1 bucket can be used for bottling or, better yet, fermentation with siphonless transfer! Less effort. Better, clearer beer. Don’t just cut out the hassle of cleaning, cut out siphoning altogether! Make transferring as easy as the turn of a valve. No extra equipment, no extra cleaning.

The Siphonless Bucket isn’t just easier to use, it’s also translucent, letting you keep a better eye on your fermentation and volume level. It’s better for your beer. Fight oxidation and contamination by keeping your fermenter closed for transfers. Never open the lid to insert an auto-siphon, just turn the valve on the spigot (not included) and you’re set. Best of all, you’ll have clearer beer. Gently rack liquid from the spout into secondary without disturbing the trub.

The other bucket is used for fermenting.

The smaller bucket is used while fermenting.

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