Automatic 5BBL+ Brewery for Restaurants and Bars

Price: $33,000

EZBrew enables venues the ability to produce their own beer but with no previous experience. 


In fact, over 90% of EZBrew customers had never made beer before EZBrew.


Produce your own beer for as little as 36 cents per pint.


EZBrew has two unique components:

1) Our proprietary design, 155-gallon stainless steel tank is used to mix ingredients, ferment, chill, carbonate, and serve.

2)We develop recipes and provide “Brew-Ready” Beer Kits. So the barley (in liquid form [wort]), hops, and yeast are premeasured and ready to be added to the tank.


EZBrew systems are self-cleaning and provide sensors for remote monitoring temperature and specific gravity.


More pictures are available HERE  


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