Sabco Brew Magic

Listed: 12/16/2022

Price: $4,500

Sabco Brew Magic   Sabco Chill Wizard   8 or so 5-gallon glass carboys and a couple 7- gallon glass carboys.   5- five gallon corney kegs   2- 20# CO2 bottles. One is full.   A few cases of Grolsch swing top bottles with a bag of new seals.   Bottle dry rack.   Five award winning recipes.   Large hop spider.   Yeast stir plate   Heater for fermentation   PH meter   Bottle capper   2000 ml flask for yeast starter   Enough grains to make at least one 10-gallon batch. 20 lbs of 2-row and 10 lbs of red wheat. Also lots of miscellaneous specialty grains.        

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