30HL Brewhouse / 60HL Fermentation Tanks

Price: $198,000

We sell a complete 30hl brewing equipment, steam jacket heating.  3 years old, but looks like new. We took care well for all equipment. This turnkey brewing system includes: 30HL Mashing/lauter tun;  30HL Work kettle/Whirpool tun;  45HL Hot Liquor Tank;  45HL Cold Liquor Tank;  Heat exchanger;  Working Platform with a sink & sample station;  300L CIP Unit Vessels;  Glycol cooling system (glycol tank and 2 Chillers);  6x60HL glycol jacketed Fermentation Tanks;  1x60HL glycol jacketed Brite Tank;  Keg Cleaning Machine;  Keg Filling Machine;  Grain milling Machine with Agger;  Customized stairs for milling room;  Control Panel for Fermenters/Chiller/CIP. Everything works great. $198,000usd obo.

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