Price: $1,200

I am selling two used stainless steel pressure tanks.


These tanks are 800 liters (211 gal or 7 bbl) and have been tested to ensure that they function properly. They are pressure rated for up to 1 bar of pressure (15psi), an have a couple ports on the lid and sidewall.  


Here is a complete description of what these tanks comes with:

-2.5″ butterfly valve at the base

-16″ manway lid on top 1 bar pressure relief valve on lid

-3″ TriClover port on lid

-C02 intake & 1.o Bar PRV also on lid 

-1.5″ TriClover port on sidewall

-Forklift/pallet jack channels at base

-Rated for stacking!


These tanks have a diameter of 41.5″ a height of 68″ and weigh about 385 lbs., give or take a bit in either direction.  


There does appear to be some staining on the interior of these tanks (see pictures for details). However, there has been both a caustic and acid bath ran through a CIP system when these were last cleaned. The staining did not come off and I was told by multiple sources that it shouldn’t affect any product or processing.  


If you have any further questions, please reach out! We can get you a quote on freight and the total cost by the end of the day! $1,200 each. Used. Sold as is.  


Call Today! (425) 686-4455

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