SS Brewtech 5 gallon 3-vessel system with Unitank fermenter

Price: $3,800


SS Brewtech 5 gallon 3-vessel electric system with Unitank fermenter


5 gal | Ss eBrewing Kit (with 2V controller and Unitank fermenter) (fermenter has FTSS2 chilling & heating)

Glycol Chiller | 1/5hp

Inline Oxygenation Kit

Sspunding Valve | Adjustable PRV (Kit w/ Scaled Version up to 3.5 bbl)

Sight Glass | 2.25”

Sampling Coil

1.5″ TC to ¼” Flare

3 Caster Kit (for Unitank)

Tubing | ⅜” ID Silicone


Total retail value: $5,253.63


Only brewed on the system 4 times. Taken care of. Cleaned and sanitized thoroughly between brews. The oxygenation kit, spunding valve, and sight glass are still brand new, as I never used them.

Selling for the low price of $3,800 (that’s a $1,400 markdown)!

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