5gal pilot brew house. SS Brewtech electric brewing system.

Listed: 12/13/2022

Price: $8,000

SSBrewtech eBrewing, RIM’s, 3Vessel, 5Gallon complete kit. With 4 x7gallon fermentors with temp control. 3/4 HP Glycol chiller. Brew cube x3 with eController mount. Spray ball. All SSBrewtech.
Blichmann ripe tide pump TC x2, Blichmann therminator plate chiller.
Tilt hydrometer x4.
Brewers hardware wort filter.
Monster brewing hardware 2 roller pro brewer grain mill + hopper.
3way ball valves, silicone 1/2″ hoses…
This is a 1 year old plug and play pilot brew house in almost new condition.
See link to SSBrewtech web site for further info :
eBrewing | 3V

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