Beer Making Kit

Price: $60

Beer Making Kit

I am moving and need to sell my beer-making equipment


Brewing Equipment

-20 Gallon Kettle

-6.5 Gallon “ale pail” bucket

-6.5 Gallon “ale pail” bottling Spigot Bucket

– 5 Gallon Glass Carboy with Small Universal Stopper Drilled

-3 Bubbler airlock

-Hydrometer, test jar and lab thermometer

-Carboy Brush

– Bottle Brush

– 3 Funnels

– 24 Beer Bottle Drying Rack

– Auto Siphon – 1/2 Racking cane

– Large Dial Thermometer

– Plastic Paddle 18”

– Vinator Bottle Rinser

– Bottle Capper $16

-Five Star cleaning solution 3/4 full

-1 Gallon Glass Carboy with Stopper

-36+ empty bottles in storage containers


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