Variety Pack Equipment

Price: $10,500

Up for sale is one kick ass variety pack system. This is as efficient as it gets without spending $500K+ for a robotic system (that is what we are replacing this with). This is our third variety pack system and you get the benefit of us learning a lot with the previous two. We currently use for variety pack runs of up to 10,000 cases at a time (over the course of 2-3 days). It will be in use until February at which point it will be decommissioned and ready to ship. Come check it out in action before then or see this link for pictures and video. Email [email protected] for more info.

System components:

  • 2 hydraulic scissor lifts for bring cans up to or down from conveyor height 2,000 lb capacity each 33.5” raised height
    • With our 43” conveyor we need to pick up the first layer of cans by hand rather than sweeping across due to the lift height limit. The other 6 layers (7 total for 12 oz) easily sweep across the threshold. If your conveyor height is lower this may not be an issue for you. You could also double stack pallets to resolve it but with our tight warehouse layout we found it easiest just to manually pick up one layer of cans from each pallet.
  • Comes with 2 spare rebuilt cylinders (you may get lucky and get as many as 4…we are supposed to have 4 but I can only locate 2 at the moment). Note the cylinders need to be rebuilt/replaced from time to time if you are operating in a wet environment.
  • We used these 2 lifts for 2 separate flavors with a 3rd flavor coming straight from the filler in order to make a 3-flavor variety pack. We also do a 4-flavor variety where we use a forklift rather than a 3rd lift due to space limitation. But if you have the space, you could easily add another scissor lift to make the additional variety pack station match the other two.
  • The toe guard components are removed. They do not work well with variety packing. When cans get under the lift and you lower it they knock the toe guards off and we ended up just leaving them off and relying on operator training for safety (and steel toe boots).
  • Standard 120v plugs.
  • Custom stainless steel welded railings that can be hung from the ceiling to provide 3 walls to support cans while on top of the scissor lift during the palletizing process.
  • Forty 40” x 40” Orbis plastic open bottom pallets open bottom is necessary to allow electric jack operation while on the lift
  • Custom 40” x 40” Orbis reusable plastic slip sheets with sidewalls on opposite ends 1,000 slip sheets total were purchased new from Orbis. Approximately ⅓ have never been used. Occasionally damaged sheets are culled from the herd but the majority of the 2/3rds of the sheets that were used are still in use.

Offered as a package for $10,500 (purchase price new was >$17k a couple years ago plus a lot of engineering time to figure out and test the best solution). You handle shipping (from Boston 02128). We can strap everything down securely and load on your truck.

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