Hamrick Model HMS 300-E Case Packer

Listed: 01/02/2024

Price: $9,900

SHIPS FROM OREGON (Freight extra or you pickup).  Came from a brewery closure and was used up until the day of closure.
Per Manufacturer:

  • Can run 13-cycles per minute
  • Can adjust for cans or bottles easily
  • Considered a drop packer, empty cases loaded from below, product enters above and is organized into 4 per row, 6 rows, then drops into case as the case is elevated towards product.
  • See manufacturer video to know better how this machine operates https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yQ66Kp2dkLA
  • NEEDS TO SHIP SOON — landlord needs his building cleaned out. Rigging company is onsite and ready to load your truck.
  • Tons of conveyors, extras with this! This is as nice setup for super cheap due to the time constraints we have been given to move this packer.
  • Send me a text 317-364-1467 or email [email protected] if interested today!


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