1 BBL Brew System

Price: $5,000

This 1 barrel brew house is a Custom Built 40 Gallon (finished batch) brew house. Based off Blichmann design, we constructed a tower to support this brew system so it is completely gravity driven.  A very efficient brew process, simple with no pumping required until transferring to fermentation.  This is a perfect brew house for a start up brew pub, pilot system or for some next level home brewing!  This thing made me a lot of great beer, and it is simple and easy to clean and maintain!

Includes the following:


1 – Brew House support tower and stair tower – the tower is set up to gravity flow the entire brew process, from hot liquor tank to mash kettle to brew kettle is all gravity controlled with valves

1 – 55 Gallon HLT – hot liquor tank with electric heating elements.  includes disconnect switch

1 – 55 Gallon Mash Kettle

1 – 55 Gallon Brew Kettle – includes direct fire natural gas burner, exhaust housing and flue.

1 – 40 Gallon Fermenter – unjacketed

Also includes an assortment of hoses, fittings, small pumps and small heat exchanger, Freight not included in pricing

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