10bbl brewhouse

Price: $25,000

10 bbl electric brewhouse. 1. Combination Mash/Lauter tun with motorized rakes and wedge wire false bottom. 1. Electric Boil Kettle with 9x 208v heating elements. 1. Whirlpool Tank 1. 20bbl insulated stainless tank. 2. 1.5hp process pumps 1. Dual stage heat exchanger 1. O2 injection assembly 1. Work platform with stairs 1. 1hp water pump 1. Control panel 1. Grist hydrator assembly with incoming water temperature gage. 1. Grain out hoe 3. Spare heating elements All stainless and soft process piping for brewhouse All clamps, gaskets,valves,and misc. fittings to assemble system.

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