Miura Steam Boiler

Price: $45,500

Boiler Specifications: Boiler Output Boiler Type – Multiple water tube, once through, forced flow, steam boiler Maximum Allowable Working Pressure PSIG 170 Recommended Operational Range                 PSIG  70 – 150 Boiler Heating Surface Area ft2                     196 Boiler Horsepower Rating                                 BHP 100 Equivalent Output in                                                 lb/hr 3,450 Maximum Heat Output                                         MMBTU/hr 3.348 Turn-Down –                                                         2:1 (50%) Air and Fuel Requirements (Natural Gas/Propane) Fuel Supply Pressure                         PSIG 3-5 PSIG (Natural Gas or Propane) Heat Input                                         MMBTU/hr 3.939 Efficiencyii                                         % 85% Flue Gas Excess Oxygen                 % 5.0% Flue Gas Temperatureii                 °F 270 NG/LPG Fuel Consumptioniii SCFH / GPH 3,860 / 43.0 Required Air Volume SCFH         48,730 Flue Gas Volume – Wet SCFH 52,590 Flue Gas Volume – Dryiv SCFH 45,100 Flue Gas Velocity ft/s                 19.8 Emissions (Natural Gas/Propane) NOx Emission NG/LPGvii         ppm (lbs/MMBTU) 100/130 (0.1217 / 0.1582) CO Emission NG&LPGvii                 ppm (lbs/MMBTU) 100 (0.0739) CO2 Emission NG/LPGvii         lbs/MMBTU 117.6 / 136.6 VOC Emission NG&LPGvii         lbs/MMBTU 0.0054 SO2 Emission NG/LPGviii         lbs/MMBTU 0.00058 / 0.00055 Total PM Emission NG/LPGvii lbs/MMBTU 0.0075 / 0.0077 Weights & Capacities Boiler Shipping Weight                 lbs 4,600 Economizer Shipping Weight lbs 700 Operational Weight                         lbs 5,900 Operational Water Contentxi Gal 65 Fully Flooded Water Contentxii Gal   120 If an interested buyer resides in the province of Ontario and is looking to utilize the unit in Ontario, we can offer an option to have the unit shipped, and installed   The boiler also comes with both a properly sized and CSA certified blow down tanks and feed water tank

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