SS Brewtech Complete 5 Gallon Electric Brewery

Price: $5,500

Thinking about getting out of the hobby. Upgraded my entire setup over the last few years to electric. This equipment is in great condition. I will post pictures when i get home today but below is a detailed list of what I have. At this time I’m only selling it all or nothing. I must have another $500 of fittings and parts and pieces that aren’t listed below, but this is the major stuff.  I’m willing to drive a fairly decent distance to deliver or meet you half way.

Please go to the website link for pictures.  I can’t seem to get them to upload.

Total invested – $8192. Asking $5500 OBO

SS Brewtech Fermentation Setup ($3262):

1/5 HP Glycol Chiller $999
Insulated QD Tubing $77
20lb Aluminum CO2 Tank w/ Komos Regulator $185
5lb Oxygen Tank w/ Regulator $155
Pressurized Keg System w/ Filter $75
Stainless Steel Table $236
7 Gallon Uni-Tank w/ Heating and Cooling $1345
Spunding Valve Kit $190
Extra Fittings and Adapters – Lots of $$

CIP System ($661):

Stainless Steel Table $186
Stainless Chugger Mini Max $239
CIP Ball $61
Valves, Fittings, Hoses, QD’s $175

Brewing System ($4269):
Infussion Mash Tun w/ essentials Kit and Recirculation Kit $599
RIMS System w/ Sight Glass $340
10 Gallon Boil Kettle w/ 1V Controller – $1149
10 Gallon HLT w/ 1V Controller – $1149
Counter Flow Chiller $220
Stainless Chugger Mini Max $239
Stainless Chugger Mini Max $239
Whirpool Valve and Isolation Valves $134
Stand $100
Hoses w/ QD’s $100
Extra Fittings and Adapters – Lots of $$

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