Brew Rig

Price: $1,600

Looking to sell my current home brewing rig. It consists of 3-15 gallon Bayou classic stainless kettles. HLT has herms coil, thermometer, stainless lid with spray nozzle and 240v stainless heating element, Mash Tun has false bottom, SS Brewtech mash reticulation manifold, stainless lid with spray nozzle and thermometer, Boil kettle has whirlpool valve and 240v stainless heat element installed. Custom made steel stand painted with high temp paint. 2 chugger pumps. All hoses and quick disconnect fittings also included. Also have 3 brand new never installed sight glasses that I will include and an extra stainless kettle lid with spray ball used for CIP. You can either add a control panel and use this as an electric brewery or add gas burner to use as a gas brewery. Asking $1600

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