Iceman Chiller

Price: $5,000

Iceman SC Chiller – 1 Used Iceman SC Chiller Model: 311255 S/N: 7005264 Volts:

460 Phase: 3 Hz: 60 Compressor HP: 2 Max Temp: 250 F Refrigerant: R-22

Dimensions: 4’9″ x 2’6″ x 3’4″ General Info: The Mokon Iceman SC Series portable chillers feature a scroll compressor providing superior efficiency, enhanced

reliability, and quieter operation (reciprocating and semi-hermetic compressors

available in some models). The scroll compressor has 50% fewer moving parts

than standard reciprocating compressors – increasing the reliability and efficiency

of the compressor. High-Quality Components Increase Life and Decrease

Maintenance Nonferrous plumbing and components Efficient stainless steel 1 brazed plate evaporator Stainless steel centrifugal pump Liquid filled pressure

gauges Operator Friendly Design with Maximum Safety and Control Microprocessor control for greater accuracy Easy-to-access control panel and internal components Motor, compressor, and transformer fusing to ensure operator safety NEMA rated.

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