Jinan Qihui 2 BBL Electric Brew System

Price: $70,000

Jinan Qihui 2 BBL Electric Brew System For more information on this listing, please click here to visit the listing page or contact Ken Medicino at [email protected].   EQUIPMENT DESCRIPTION

  • Only Used for about 25 brews.
  • Brew house
  • Everything is on a 10’x 2.5′ stainless steel skid, which is mounted on casters.
  • 2 barrel electric-3Phase 240V
  • Hot water and wort pump on Variable frequency
  • All controlled on the control board, all Schneider parts.
  • Mash has a removable false bottom. Mash is jacketed to allow water to cool or heat up the mash.
  • Heat exchanger works really well to cool down your wort to fermentation temp. (All stainless steel)
  • All tanks have a spray ball for CIP
  • Boil tank with whirlpool
  • Two 2 Barrel Fermenters- Jacketed with spray ball for CIP
  • One 2 Barrel Brite Tank-Jacketed with spray ball for CIP
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