stout tanks 1bbl stainless conical fermenters

Price: $800

  • 94110


have two, possibly four, stout tanks 1bbl stainless conicals.  single wall.  they hold about 4psi, which is plenty for co2 transfer.  we added racking arms which we’ll include.   apparently  stout designed them to fit into a full size upright freezer so you dont need glycol.  we had it, so we used blue hose to wrap the tanks with glycol, and could get them down to 35 to crash.  stout model is CF40TW-FRZ-FV. they weigh about 30-40 pounds each, you can fit two on a standard pallet.  have two for sure, possibly four.   also have a glycol jacketed 1bbl  brite we can possibly part with if you want a complete set. ships from 94110. new from stout they’re over a grand (with racking arms) plus tax, crating by stout, and shipping. only 800 per tank.

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