Nano Brewery and Taproom gear for lease 2bbl

Price: $1

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This is NOT FOR SALE- this system is no longer in use, but is now available to LEASE – in  CALIFORNIA-  for a stupid cheap rate. start a nano without buying equipment you’ll soon grow out of…
lease requires a secure brewing location and insurance. 1 year minimum term. can deliver to your site for a fee.

brewhouse- 100gal bubbas barrels. one mash tun with false bottom and manway. kettle with two 7kw  single phase electric elements, WP port. third kettle with wp port. stair ladder, two vessel stand, element cords, etc.

fermenters – 3x glycol jacketed 2bbl fermenters, DH ports, CIP arms, etc. these are 3 bar rated. have a 4th fermenter that can be added if desired. and also have 1bbl stout single wall unitank

brite- 2bbl glycol jacketed, rated 3bar.
filters- 2x pall-style “candle” filters, 20cm each

150gal vessel for HLT/CLT/de-aerated water
walk in cooler- 7×7 interior, self contained HVAC 120v. (no ac install service!!! just  connect to power)
icemaster glycol chiller- set up with 4 seperate temp controllers/pumps

2x stainless keg coolers with 8-tap towers and drains. (1x two door, 1x 3 door)

keg washer- single head semi auto. 120v. two 15gal reservoirs.
kegs at 1/2bbl and sixtel available for use as well
50# co2 tank aluminum
50# nitrogen tank steel
and other random stuff.

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