SOLD- 7bbl direct fire stout brew house 3 vessels

Price: $8,000

  • 94110


7bbl gas fired brewhouse, 3 vessel.  its an older stout tanks system. kettle– single wall, direct fire with shield/exhaust port.   WP tangential. thermowell.  two drains- one suitable for  direct drain above trub, the other on bottom for cleaning/absolute drain.  lid is single piece. 45IDx48H” for approx 310 gal to rim mash tun — side manway, false bottom screen, bottom drain, insulated.  lid is hinged, with port currently fitted with small sparge bar, or used for CIP.   47IDx30H” approx 230gal. HLT –with top manway, steam duct, temp probes, bunch of ports, etc.   direct fire with heat shield.  could be made electric with a few 2″ tc ports added into it as its single wall on top.  some of these ports look like they could be tangential, maybe for a herms type coil ?  dunno.  never used the HLT. mash tun false bottom has bit of play, we wrapped edges with a sliced-open 1/2 silicone tube to make a rim gasket and it was nice and tight. or you could leave as is and just do a good solid vorlauf.  we got about 2F drop over 45min. could probably stop that if you covered lid with a nice warm blankie.  this mash tun is a lowrider and sits about waist high, so we didnt use manway, much easier to just reach in with shovel or bucket and scoop out grain. re-doing our whole brewery so these guys are out and ready to go, each vessel on 5×5 square pallets ready for shipment.  i’m guessing around 300# for kettle, 400 for HLT, and 400 for mash.   ships from 94110

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