15bbl Direct fire brewhouse with combo MLT/HLT— SOLD!!!!

Price: $69,000

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15bbl Alpha Brew ops combi style brewhouse with 500btu gas burner on kettle and 95kw elements in HLT.   3phase 208/240 .  full platform, control panel UL listed, single stage stainless heat exchanger. MLT- grist hydrator with blender/mixing valve, sparge/vorlauf assy, CIP balls, top manway, side manway/dump, LED lighting, motorized rakes/plow out, wort grant.   combi style HLT underneath keeps mash temps stable. K/WP- direct fire 500k btus, have extra low-Nox burner to include, full power modulation for burner control, vessel has tangential/WP inlet, trub dam, lights, CIP balls, optional condensation stack Two 1.5hp washdown pumps with VFD controls at panel, digital flow meter/counter downsizing to reposition business model in brewpub environment.  great system but more than we need under new operational aims/forecasting.  commissioned 2017, put in operation late 2019.  very low miles. have some tanks we can sell along with system-  single wall serving tanks – two at 30bbl, one double 15, as well as some unitank fermenters with 2bar rating-   two at 30bbl, and one or two at 15bbl

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