3 BBL Stout Tanks Electric Brewing System

Listed: 01/12/2023

Price: $12,500

  • 92010

3 BBL Electric Brewing System by Stout Tanks & Kettles with electric controls system by Brewmation (original that came with the system). Originally installed Aug 2012.

Kettle bottom retrofit to use direct fire (flat stainless bottom plate in place of full cone), still uses electric elements through the side ports. This 3 Vessel system includes the HLT, MT, and Boil Kettle, control panel, heating elements, float switches, and thermo sensors. Also includes RIMS.

We used it for 3.5bbl batches pushed to the limit before we upgraded to a 7bbl setup.

Control panel drives the electric heating elements, float switches, RIMS, thermometers, and pumps. If using direct fire, that you have to control manually using whatever fire source is used in your area.

Electric was running on a 90A 1P circuit originally

Closed cell black foam on the outside MT and HLT helped us save a huge amount in thermal loss, and just unwraps if you want to see it all bright and shiny.

Any general questions, please ask! Phone number goes to the brewery, so please leave a message if calling.

Based in Carlsbad, CA 92010. Local pickup encouraged (shipping would be three pallets). Buyer responsible for all costs related to freight, packaging, etc.

Cheers & Thank you!

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