Lowdown Brewery Brewhouse, Fermentor and Brite Tanks Selling @ Auction October 10th

Listed: 10/05/2023

Price: $5

Since 2014 LowDown Brewery + Kitchen was one of Denver’s top breweries and also specialized in made-from-scratch food prepared in its own kitchen. Unfortunately, the owner of the building is tearing down the block to make room for condos forcing LowDown to close their doors one final time. All remaining assets will be sold at public online auction. Auction to include 7.5 BBL Kettle, 7.5 BBL Mash Tun, 24 BBL Hot Liquor Tank, 15 BBL Fermentation Tank, 8 BBL and 15 BBL Brite Tanks, Brewing Equipment, Oak Wood Barrels, Kegs, Refrigeration, Cooking and Heating, Seating and Much More.


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