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Designed and manufactured according to ASME pressure vessel standards – ASME VIII.
All material according to ASME standards. Certification is available upon request.

  • Inner Shell: 4mm, ASME 304 Stainless Steel
  • Outer Shell: 2mm, ASME 304 Stainless Steel
  • NB registration according to customer’ requirement and federal law.
  • Outer shell design pressure 29PSI (2-bar), testing pressure 37.7PSI (2.6-bar).
  • Inner cooling jacket design pressure 58psi (4-bar).
  • 30% headspace for fermenting process.
  • Minimum 3″ Thermal Polyurethane Insulation with both cone and shell coolant jackets.
  • Chloride ion barrier paint on the outer surface of the inner shell to prevent any potential corrosion and ensure longevity.
  • Tank inner side is polished within 0.6μm sanitary finish.
  • Tank outside is 2B stainless steel plate (optional entire 0.8μm polishing).
  • Shell and bottom cone cooling jacket for better temperature control.
  • Pillow Plate on shell body and cone, Omega laser welded and inflated.
  • Hook outside of the shell for ladder attachment.
  • Other special enhancements are available upon inquiry.
  • Customization of builds available upon inquiry.

• Please Contact us for assistance on freight charges! •



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