Sold !/2 BBL All Stainless complete brewing, fermenting and drinking system

Listed: 05/29/2023

Price: $4,500

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System has been sold on 8-6-23.   Offering my custom built all stainless 1/2 BBL 3 kettle system with SS Brewtech Unitank fermentor and a 1/4 hp glycol chiller.  SS Brewtech BME 20 gallon boil kettle, 20 gallon HLT and 20 gallon mash tun.  Stainless  rectangular tube framed stand on casters.  PID controlled electric elements in HLT and mash tun, propane burners under HLT and boil kettle.  All stainless hard line plumbing for hot liquor and wort side with a copper counterflow chiller, copper lines for water feed to HLT.  A pair of stainless magnetic pumps allows a single level brewing system.   Runs on propane and 240vac.   SS Brewtech 1/2 bbl Unitank has heater jacket and internal cooling coil.  It’s connected to a wall mounted glycol chiller.  Included with the system is a variety of hoses and fittings, spray ball for fermentor cleaning, grain mill, 40 lb scale, triple scale and electronic hydrometer, 4 gallons of passivate plus for maintaining of the kettles, 13 5 gal ball lock kegs, a 5 lb and a 20 lb Co2 bottle, a 2 keg kegorator, stir plate and assorted flasks and even about 100 lbs of 2 row.  Basically all my beer making equipment.

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