1 bbl Brewmagic Pro

Price: $11,500

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We are upgrading our system. This will be ready in May 2021.


System was purchased new in December 2017.


Gas unit with rims tube and element in hlt.


Also included is a sabco chill wizard and pump.


Asking 11500 obo


We have brewdd around 100 batches with this system and it is an awesome system


BrewMagic Pro Features:

Single tier, everything at eye level

All sanitary construction without threads or threaded fittings

3-vessel system: HLT, mash tun with grain dump, boil kettle

2 powerful magnetic-drive, centrifugal, sanitary stainless steel pumps

Laser etched gradations on inside of each vessel (shown in gallons and Liters)

7″ high-definition color touch-screen controller

Software prompts brewer for mash steps and boil additions

Optional network connectivity to allow operation from phone, tablet, PC, etc.

Powerful jet burners under each vessel

Automatic burner ignition

Sabco’s famous algorithm for precise mash temperature control via low wattage density electric heater

Digital temperature sensors for each vessel

Very easy to clean, totally CIP

Mash a second batch while you boil the first batch

Easy step mashing

Batch or fly sparge easily

Pump-driven whirlpool

UL listed electrical controls package

BrewMagic Pro Specs

Gas input power requirements: 208-240 Volts AC, Single Phase, 20 Amps

Electric system input power requirements: 208-240 Volts AC, Three Phase, 90-130 Amps (depending on configuration)

Sabco supplies power cord with L6-20P plug (you’ll need an L6-20R receptacle) on the gas version

Dimensions: 106″ long x 31″ deep x 56″ high

Weight: 580 pounds (approximately)

Vessel dimensions: 23.5″ ID, 27.6″ tall

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