Auction of DEUTSCHE BEVERAGE BH-15BBL 15 BBL Brewhouse

Price: $1,000

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Selling at Auction! 


Cincinnati, OH: Online Only Auction of Brewery Equipment In Service Less Than 2 Years


Bidding Starts to Close: Monday, September 12 at 2:00 PM ET


  • 2 Vessel 15 BBL Brewhouse STEAM heated (steam boiler SOLD SEPARATELY)

  • Wort Sample Station with Utility Sink

  • Mash Tun & Kettle Steam Jacket

  • DUR Siemens Program Logic Control Package with Option 1: Remote Access (Includes main cabinet and contents as well as all remote sensors, controls and solenoids on Brewhouse, but NOT on other equipment. Sensors, controls and solenoids on other equipment will be sold with that equipment. 


General details from Manufacturer:

  • Brushed 304 Stainless (11 Gauge Inner & Outer Shell)
  • Mash / Lauter Tun Combination *Tailored per grain bill
  • Adjustable Mash Rake with variable speed
  • Adjustable Swing Arm Grain-Out Plow
  • Side Manway with Port Window & Chute for Grain out
  • Removable Milled V-Wire Lauter Floor
  • Sparge Ring assembly with high pressure spray nozzles
  • Hydro-Jet Mash Hydrator
  • Includes CIP nozzles located under Lauter Floor
  • Adjustable Vorlauf Diverter Plate
  • Brew Kettle / Whirlpool Combination *Tailored per grain bill
  • Tangential Wort Outlet Ports *customizable
  • SPX Flow C Series Centrifugal Wort Pump
  • Brew Kettle exhaust port with dual lip sanitary design
  • Venting to outside NOT included
  • LED Spot Light
  • Integrated CIP Rotary Spray Balls
  • Top Glass Manway with stainless steel grip knobs *Custom
  • Laser Etching optional
  • Stainless Brewhouse platform & stairs *custom designed
  • Complete hard piped Brewhouse *custom designed
  • Sightglass & Sample Ports *location determined during design
  • Multi-Pass plate heat exchanger – Dual Stage with heat recovery
  • Wort Aeration Assembly w/ Sight Glass
  • 45 BBL Hot Liquor Tank INCLUDED w/ SPX pump (SOLD SEPARATELY)
  • 00-BBL-BH-WTS Wort Sample Station w. Utility Sink
  • MTS Mash Tun and Kettle Steam Jacket
  • GC-500 Grist Case/Grain Hopper
  • CBS-20HP 20HP Columbia Gas Fired Boiler *Condensate return tank & blow down
  • DUR DUR Siemens Program Logic Control Package
  • DUR Option 1: Option 1: Remote Access


Please Note: The price listed is not the actual asking price as this item is selling at auction.

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