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$13,000 (Negotiable)


Total Vessel

● Effective Volume: 3BBL w/ 20% headspace

● Interior Tank (SUS304): Thickness 3.0 mm

● Outer Shell (SUS 304): Thickness 2.0 mm

● Top Dome (SUS304): Thickness: 3.0mm

● Rockwool Insulation: Thickness: 80 mm

● Dedicated sanitary centrifugal pump w/ variable speed control

● Hop Addition Port

Top Vessel (Mash/Lauter Tun)

● Rake Motor: 1.5kW Iron Horse motor w/ gearbox, variable speed control, activate in reverse direction

● Milled plate false bottom

● Grain out manway

● Dual CIP spray balls

● 1.5” Tri-clamp thermometer and 1.5” Tri-clamp RTD probe

● Necessary fittings, valves and pipelines


Bottom Vessel (Brew Kettle/Whirlpool Tank)

● CIP rotating spray balls

● Rotatable racking arm

● 1.5” Tri-clamp thermometer and 1.5” Tri-clamp RTD probe

● Necessary fittings, valves and pipelines




  1. Cooter

    I have some stupid questions, 1)else is need beyond this to start making beer, can you ferment in this system and also carbonate. Also, 3bbl is how many gallons, i am thinking 90? not sure. if i were to buy this, does price include shipping? What else would I need to start brewing on this system? I am your typical home brewer who does 10-12 gallon batches but I am interested in doing larger batches. Thanks in advance for your response.

  2. mat23456

    Does this come with (or is it compatible with) an auto re-circulator for sending wart from the kettle back to the MT during the mashing process?


    Hello Everyone,

    The price does no include shipping. Shipping prices will vary depend on the delivery location.

    Since this is a Brew House, this unit is not designed to ferment. The design of a fermenter typically requires that it have a conical shape at the bottom of said unit.

    In order to carbonate, you would required a Carbonation/ Aeration Stone. A common vessel used for carbonation is a Bright Beer Tank (BBT). This is a dedicated carbonation/ storage tank. A fermenter cannot carbonate, but can easily be modified into a “Unitank” that can both carbonate and ferment. Put simply, a Fermenter can ferment, a BBT can carbonate, & a Unitank can ferment and carbonate.

    This unit does not come with an auto re-circulator, but is compatible with any 1.5″ tri-clampable hose or reducer.

    Beyond the this 3BBL Brewhouse (Brew Better), you will need a few items for both the cold side and hot side of brewing. Luckily, we provide whole brewing packages that include these additional items.

    Just send an inquiry to
    Or visit our website at

    -Kevin Cantero

  4. Hopsandspokes

    Is this still available? Are you in Murrietta?


    Hello @Hopsandspokes,

    This exact one is not currently available, but we do have a similar one to it available.

    I can send you additional information if you email me at

    -Kevin Cantero

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