1 BBL Brewhouse/tanks/chiller package

Price: $19,000

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We put about a 100 batches through this brewhouse, used it for recipe development during buildout. The 1 BBL Unitank is jacketed and the 1 bbl Brite is non jacketed, interior coil system. I modified the Brite to add a spray ball and the site glass that can be cleaned during CIP. The chiller is a 3/4 hp ss Brewtech and can run up to 6 tanks. The brewhouse does not have its main pump, they are not wash down and we went through 3 before we bought a VFD pump that is not included. The plate chiller works well, chugger pump from HLT works well, all other heating components work as they should. We will crate and ship.

Brewhouse – $13,000

Cellar package – $7,000

Combined – $19,000

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