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Price: $79,862

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Faster is better. You have bottles to fill and cases to distribute, the GlassPak66™ can make it happen. A.B.E.’s high-speed rotary bottling line can rinse, fill and cap 66 bottles per minute, or roughly 4,000 per hour. Designed by our engineers here in Lincoln, Nebraska, the GlassPak66™ is relatively compact for the speed it provides but is big on what it delivers.


A.B.E. GlassPak66™ Complete Bottling Lines
Up to 4,000 BPH!
Rinses, Fills and Caps Bottles
Date-Coder and Labeler optional
Minimal Footprint
PLC controls 

System Includes

Main transfer Conveyors
Purge & Fill Cycles
Cap Applicator
Rinser and Air Blast
Control Panel with HMI Touch Screen Display

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