Fermentation Tanks

Price: $1

5bbl – 150bbl capacity available

– Stainless steel (304) sanitary construction
– 100% TIG welded and sanitary polished
– Design pressure 15PSI, Test Pressure 30PSI (0.2MPa)
– 4 heavy duty stainless steel legs with adjustable height and leveling footpads
– Interior shell: 304 stainless steel, thickness 11 gauge (3mm)
– Interior (2B) and exterior (#4) finish bright polish, sanitary surface
– 1.5″ Tri-clamp sanitary fittings
– Vacuum & pressure relief valve
– Pressure gauge
– Thermometer gauge
– Sample valve
– Lifting Lugs
– Ladder hooks. Also designed to hold brewers hose when not in use.
– Side man way door
– CIP arm and Rotary spray ball 360° of coverage.
– Dual or triple zone cooling jacket with glycol inlet and outlet. (No. of jackets depends on height and customer preference)
– Rotating racking port and discharge port with valve and fittings
– Hop port

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