CraftCan Iso

Price: $53,359

The CraftCan Iso from ABE is the perfect counter pressure filling option for brewers looking for a compact, easily adjustable canning line capable of doing a variety of can sizes and beverages of varying CO2 levels.
The CraftCan Iso’s small footprint makes this canning line ideal for breweries with minimal packaging space, or someone looking to start a mobile canning operation. The CraftCan Iso is capable of producing up to 15 cans-per-minute of high-volume CO2 products and is built with ABE’s Patented ServoSeamer providing on-demand seam monitoring and precision filling that is second-to-none.

-Utilizes Counter Pressure Filling / Isobaric techniques to allow you to fill a wide range of beverages
-Produce up to 16 cans per minute (cpm) based on 12 oz cans
-PATENTED, ServoSeamer, reduces D.O. pick-up to maximize shelf-life (20-50ppb pickup)
-Industry leading ServoSeamer technology allows for real-time seam monitoring
-Designed and assembled in Lincoln, Nebraska
-Compact design with optional casters for increased mobility
-PLC touchscreen operation with fully adjustable cycle times. Seamers also adjustable with the touch of a button
-2-Head, counter pressure, stainless steel unibody nozzle assembly with CO2 purge cycle for reliable oxygen evacuation
-Can be configured for multiple can sizes with a simple changeover
-UL Certified (Underwriters Laboratories Inc.)
– See through fill drum providing real-time view of product stability
– CIP Capable with pre-programed CIP sequence
*Ask your sales rep how you can take the guess-work out of carbonating and achieve more accurate filling with the Watch Dog Brite Tank Monitor
*If you are needing a canning solution that exceeds 15cpm, ask about our CraftCan35 (35 CPM), CraftCan Duo8(45cpm) or CraftCan Duo16(90cpm)
* Nitrogen doser compatible
*Positive displacement pump required to feed CraftCan Iso. Positive displacement pump ensures adequate pressure is feeding the internal fill drum.

Can Capabilities:
Standard U.S. Sizes: 12oz, 16oz, 19.2oz
International Sizes: 330ml, 355ml, 375ml, 440ml, 500ml, 568 ml
Lids: 202 CDL-E, CDL-W, CDL+, SuperEnd, Super EndDA+, B64, ISE, LOE
* Please be sure to inform your sales rep of the cans you intend to use as special pricing may apply.

Length 48 in (122 cm)
Width: 20 in (51 cm)
Height: 80 in (203cm)

*Pictured with standard 6′ powered conveyor. Other lengths Available*

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