7bbl 2v Electric (Oil) Brewhouse

Listed: 06/28/2023

Price: $75,014

NEW and in Stock! 7bbl 2v indirect electric brewhouse.  Heating elements are not submerged but heat up oil that circulates around kettle.  Comes with many automation extras! ABE’s brewhouses are custom-built to fit each brewer’s individual needs. Each one is equipped with an UL 508A listed industrial control cabinet. (UL file E483374). Assembled and tested in Lincoln, Nebraska, our sales and engineering teams will work with you every step of the way to make sure you get the brewhouse that meets your unique needs. Key Brewhouse Features: – Brewhouses sized appropriately to yield final product volumes according to the brewhouse size quoted (Example: 15bbl brewhouse will yield 15bbls of final product). – Control panel design, fabrication, and electrical done in Lincoln, Nebraska. – Every brewhouse goes through an extensive QA process including water and pressure testing, pipe inspection, and an overall aesthetic evaluation in Lincoln, Nebraska. – Nothing leaves ABE’s facility without approval and sign-off from our Engineering, Quality Assurance, Sales, Assembly Team … and YOU! Technical Features: – Auto rake and plow for spent grain removal – HMI touchscreen with remote access capabilities – Brewhouse comes fully-functional from grain hydrator through Wort-Out port to include controls, sensors, 100% hard-plumbed stainless piping, high-quality SEW gearmotor, and Leeson pumps (Ampco pump head) 5-YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY is applicable to metal, welds, steam jackets and glycol jackets.

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