7 Barrel Brew House: Boil Kettle, Mash Tun, Grain Mill, Plate Chiller, Glycol system ( $12,500 )

Price: $12,500

We’ve been a working brewery and tasting room for ten years, and finally got to upgrade to a 15 bbl brewhouse.  We’re selling everything you need for a 7 bbl brewhouse except a unitank!

BREW HOUSE ($12,500)

  • 7 bbl Boil Kettle with Midco EC-300 direct fire burner (2011, Domax equipment, China)
  • 7 bbl mash tun (converted dairy tank)
  • Grain Mill (2011, Domax equipment, China)
  • Glycol Unit (2011, Domax equipment, China)
  • Plate chiller

Buyer pays for shipping.

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