Listed: 11/13/2022

Price: $40,000

The Microbottler All-In-One is designed to accommodate a half-gallon growlers and tall wine bottles, cans, cork bottles, twist bottles, and tiny bottles too. It is your all-in-one solution to any bottling need.
12 bottles per minute, it can be configured for a wide range of sized bottles up to half-gallon growlers, it can do can reaming(aluminum cans), twist caps, crown caps, and corking. You have to buy molds or make molds for the bottle you are using, I have some already and have a new inventory of the bottles and caps that go with it, a few thousand if you are interested in those too.

4 Head Counterpressure Bottling/Canning Line. Includes: – 4Standard Counterpressure fill valves. Crown Capper. Seamer V2.0 with tooling for Crown Can 202 Opening, 202 Lids.
Prepurge. Bottle and Can Fill Adapters. Lid Guide. Custom Frame. Compressed Air/CO2 Powered. Wheeled Base. Spare parts kit . 3 Bottle Totes
T-Cork ram – pushes 4 T-corks into bottles
MicroRinse Option Post Bottle and Can Wash and Air Blast
24 Bottle Washer System; Includes 2 Racks and 1 Drip Tray
Twist capping tool, & articulating arm
High Pressure CO2 … Retrofit Kit to (Entire)

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